AET Makes A Statement With Winter Jam Crown

January 6, 2020 10:00 AM

DALLAS, TX — The seventh-grade division was the largest of the HYPE Sports Winter Jam, and in the end, AET (Oklahoma) emerged as the Platinum Division champions from the 42-team field as well as the only unbeaten team in the Class of 2025.

An opening 40+ point win against HHBC Red (Texas) set the tone for the weekend, as AET earned a 6-0 record at the tournament, with an average margin of victory of 21 points per game. Their opening bracket game against Team Griffin (Oklahoma) proved to be their closest, but following wins versus San Antonio Future (Texas), Gladiators Sports (Texas), and BTR (Oklahoma) there was little doubt that AET was the most talented team in attendance.

The Gold Division winners, Drive Nation (Texas), also impressed as their only loss of the weekend was against AET (Oklahoma) in pool play. Lastly, the Silver Division champs, Mansfield Trojans (TX), are deserving of special mention after bouncing back from a pair of pool play losses to end their weekend with four consecutive victories.

Personally, I’m very curious to see how all of these teams will fare at the national level in the coming months, because typically Texas is regarded as one of the most respected states when it comes to youth hoops talent. Considering that fact, it should not be overlooked that Oklahoma currently appears to have at least three teams deserving of national recognition in the Class of 2025, including AET, Below The Rim (BTR), and Team Griffin.

Houston Hoops Blue Chips Win HYPE Sports Winter Jam

January 5, 2020 10:00 AM

DALLAS, TX — The HYPE Sports Winter Jam has become a fixture on my calendar for the last several years thanks in part to the impressive amount of star power consistently delivered by the Lone Star State. This year’s event was highlighted by the Houston Hoops Blue Chips, as they proved that they belong at the top of the list among the Class of 2024 teams in the South region.

Coached by Christian Begg, a longtime fixture in the Houston Hoops organization, the HHBC 8th-grade group blazed through pool play at Winter Jam, averaging 74 points per game with a running clock, while only surrendering an astonishing 33 points in two games.

Taking advantage of a first-round bye, HHBC then advanced past BTR Blue (Oklahoma) 57-31 in the quarterfinals and escaped ProSkills (Texas) 43-40 in their closest and lowest-scoring game of the tournament. They finished out their championship weekend with a dominant victory against Team Griffin (Oklahoma) by the score of 59-41. 

The 2020 HYPE Sports Winter Jam Platinum champs absolutely deserve top-five consideration nationally to begin the year and should be rewarded such when I release my team rankings at the end of the month. Additionally, Drive Nation (Texas) and the aforementioned Pro Skills (Texas) and Team Griffin (Oklahoma) will likely find their way onto the list as well.

Lastly, HYPE Sports Winter Jam Gold Division winners, TJ Ford Super Stars (Texas), could be yet another under the radar team to monitor as the travel circuit season gets going. After suffering an opening loss to the Texas Tar Heels in pool play, the Class of 2024 squad finished their weekend with five consecutive double-digit wins.

Howard Pulley Product Hoping To Join List of Greats

April 12, 2018 12:00 PM

MINNEAPOLIS, MN — The foundation has been laid for Trejuan Holloman to be the next big prospect on Nike-sponsored Howard Pulley, a program with a rich point guard history. caught up with Rene Pulley of the Howard Pulley Program to discuss Holloman, who is among the upper echelon prospects in the Class of 2022.


  • Class of 2022
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  • PG
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  • 6'2
  • |
  • 170
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  • St. Paul, MN
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Rene Pulley has seen his fair share of great floor generals in his program, most recently Duke-commit Tre Jones. Pulley sees that same type of talent in Holloman.


“He’s going to be that next talented high-level point guard in the line of point guards that we’ve had going back to Khalid El-Amin. He’s got the vision, the point guard mentality and can see the floor. He’s got it all.” -Rene Pulley, Program Director of Howard Pulley

Holloman began making waves at the King James Camp in Akron, Ohio as a sixth-grader while playing for the Minnesota Heat. This past season, the 6-foot-2 eighth-grader, was able to compete at the varsity level and this summer he will be traveling along and with the Howard Pulley 17U and 16U teams which begin their EYBL schedule in Dallas, TX on April 20th.

Director Pulley is excited about the experience Trejuan will be gaining over the course of the summer.


“The main thing I’m looking for him to gain over the summer is natural physical growth, along with getting stronger and more physical. He is still learning how to be more experienced playing against outstanding players. I love him. He’s a great young man. The confidence just oozes out of him, and he likes the role of being the heir apparent.Rene Pulley

Before joining the Howard Pulley program, Holloman was being coached and brought along by his mother Crystal Flint who played at the University of Minnesota. Which is oddly coincidental, since this isn’t the first time Pulley has seen a star-studded player, or two, coached by their mother. 


“I had no idea that 25 years later her son would be the next potential great point guard to come out of the state. She coached him. This is funny because two of my most recent guards Tyus Jones and Tre Jones, were coached by their mother so it’s been really interesting.” -Rene Pulley  

According to Pulley, Holloman is fully embracing his potential to be the top point guard across the nation in the Class of 2022 and continues to push himself to reach that potential.